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Letter From The Executive Director of Athletics

Hello ILTexas Eagle Nation!


It is with great pleasure that I am able to write to you as the Director of Athletics for International Leadership of Texas.  I am extremely proud to serve our family and be a part of the interscholastic and educational experience provided to our students.  While being a relatively new school district and building athletic programs are definitely challenging, here at ILTexas, there is a game plan for accomplishing our goals and for long term success. 

Our goals are simple:


         1. A safe, competitive, and first class athletic experience. 

         2. Value to ourselves, our schools, our community, and beyond. 

         3. Championship-level performance.

When these goals are met, our mission is accomplished.  We have set in place the mission statement of ILTexas Athletics as: “Student-Athlete Success, Winning On and Off the Field, Leading the Future.”


There is, and will continue to be, a supreme level of commitment from top to bottom within our organization, to all students.  I firmly believe that with the high and resolute expectations of every member of our Eagle family, each young man or woman who has the privilege of putting on an ILTexas jersey will receive a positive and lasting impact from their experience. 


Each day, I look forward to having the opportunity to provide these experiences and doing my best to instill and maintain a culture of excellence for our student-athletes.  I am also determined to instill the mindset of improving everyday - as a person, student, and player.  “If we as individuals, accomplish our goals, then we as a team will be successful". 


Go Eagles!




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